Jennifer Noble, PhD

Passionate about: parent work, teen mental health, identity development (racial, gender, LGBTQ+), the mixed race experience, intersectionality, equity

Wants to Destroy: all the -isms, all the –ophobias, patriarchy, poverty, mental health stigma



A Little Bit More About Me

Dr. Jennifer Noble is an Assistant Professor at Pasadena City College in the Psychology Department. She earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology and holds two bachelor degrees in Psychology and Spanish from Andrews University in Michigan. She completed her doctoral internship at St. John’s Hospital’s Child and Family Development Center in Santa Monica and is a Graduate Fellow of the Reiss Davis Child Study Center.

Dr. Noble currently serves on the board of MASC – a nonprofit dedicated to advocacy of mixed race people, interracial couples and families, and transracial adoptees and their families. She has served as a former president and vice president as well as co-designed and co-taught the first ever high school course on the mixed race experience.

With a specialty in Multicultural Community Psychology, Dr. Noble seeks to raise awareness about how mental health looks different in culturally diverse populations.  It is of utmost importance that these differences be properly acknowledged and addressed. Dr. Noble strongly believes that sociopolitical and sociocultural factors impact one’s ability to achieve mental health, and that the larger societal structures and institutions which created marginalized and oppressed groups must be dismantled. Dr. Noble wants to use psychology as activism to achieve social justice. 

Dr. Noble takes her passion and energy to fight for social justice and merges it with her desire to empower youth and families. She wants to help adolescents, young adults and their parents recognize that they have the moxie to achieve, progress, change and heal - despite the multilayered barriers they may face.